Download iMessage for PC Windows 10,8,7

Download iMessage for PC, Why should you run iMessage on Windows PC? Download iMessage for pc windows 10, 8, 7 tested 100% working for iPhone 7, 6, 5s, 5c, 4 complete installation guide full image.

How to Use iMessage on PC

There is an impression that the earth today will stop rotating if people stop using instant messaging services. With instant messaging apps, you virtually don’t need to use the basic functions of your phone, including texting, multimedia messaging, calling, and video calling, anymore. All of those functions have been integrated in one lightweight app that is easy and convenient to use.

iMessage app is among the most popular instant messaging apps that is exclusively used by Apple consumers. This app allows users of devices running iOS 5 and OS X Mountain Lion and later to use all excellent instant messaging services with ease and excitement. Although it is an exclusive app for Apple devices, people using Windows PC can actually install it on their machine and use it with no trouble. Using iMessage on Windows PC is not canonical, though, so we will try to elaborate the tricks to achieve it below.

Download iMessage for PC

Why should you run iMessage on Windows PC? click to Download iMessage for windows There are already a number of instant messaging applications that can run on Windows, such as Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Messenger and Skype. Microsoft also has its own messaging app that offers rather similar features to those of other instant messaging applications. Even if you are a committed user of WhatsApp, which is one of the most popular instant messaging apps running on Android, you can still use it on your Windows PC using its web interface. So, what makes running iMessage on PC useful and necessary?

One clear reason why you want to run iMessage on PC is because you have been so attached to your fellow iFolks and iFamily that you want to stay connected to them even if you are away from your Apple device. At home, you may be able to use your iPhone or Mac computer to continue using iMessage, but if you are at your workplace and the only computer that you can find is a computer running on Windows operating system, you definitely need to figure out how to access your iMessage account using that computer. Fortunately, there are two ways to install and run iMessage on Windows PC. If you have to use Windows PC when you want to send or receive messages through Apple’s intuitive instant messaging service, you will feel relieved that you can now use your Windows PC to stay connected with your friends and family.

download imessage for pc

How to get Imessage on PC

As said above, there are three ways to install and run iMessage on your Windows PC. The most convenient way is by having your Apple device jailbroken first. Why is it convenient? By having your device jailbroken, you only need to open your internet browser to access iMessage the next time you use any Windows PC. Jailbreaking your device, though not considered illegal, is indeed risky as it voids your device’s warranty and might poses your device to security risks; however, the advantages that you can enjoy if you jailbreak your device may outweigh the disadvantage. If your device is still protected by warranty, you may want to judge how much jailbreaking your device and enjoying convenient access to iMessage are worth to you. If your device is already outside warranty coverage, jailbreaking it will certainly be far more advantageous than disadvantageous.

Before you jailbreak your device, you may need to backup all of your files first both locally and on the cloud to avoid any unwanted accidents with your data. You may also want to reset your device to factory settings using iTunes to make jailbreaking easier to do. Afterwards, you can install jailbreaking app from the internet (you can search for it using Google) and perform jailbreaking with only a couple of taps.

After you jailbreak your device, check whether Cydia app (App Store for jailbroken devices) is installed on your device. If not, download it. If Cydia is installed, you can download Remote Messages app from Cydia and install it on your device. This app is not free, though, but compared to the benefits that it offers, its price is considered very cheap. After you install Remote Messages on your device, open it to set up your username and password.

After you set up Remote Messages, you should check your device’s IP address on your device’s settings. The next time you open a Windows PC, you only need to open your browser and write down your device’s IP address followed by 333 to go to the login page of your iMessage account.

iMessage On PC Without Jailbreak

If jailbreaking is considered too risky or if your phone is still under warranty and you don’t want to lose it, you can still use iMessage on PC using either Chrome’s Remote Desktop extension.

To use iMessage on PC with Chrome, take the following steps

  1. On your Mac device, open Remote Desktop extension and then get the access code. Don’t turn off your Mac, even if you have to leave it.
  2. On your Windows PC, open Chrome (download and install it if you have not).
  3. Get Remote Desktop extension by searching for it using Google.
  4. Use your Mac’s access code on Chrome’s Remote Desktop extension to connect to your Mac device remotely. You can use iMessage using Chrome as long as you keep your Mac turned on.

iMessage for Windows

Because iMessage is Apple’s proprietary app that it releases exclusively for its devices, there is perhaps zero chance that official iMessage release for Windows will ever be released. If you use Windows, the only way to use iMessage is by using the two methods:

First Method:

Running imessage using iOS emulator, you can download with link bellow:

download imessage for pc
download imessage for pc

Second Method:

With Chrome Remote Desktop, all connections are fully guaranteed. Access other computers or even allow other users to access your computer securely over the Internet. Everything is done through the Chrome browser.

imessage chrome remote desktop
imessage chrome remote desktop
  1. Download and install Chrome Remote Desktop on both Windows

  2. On a Mac go to remote extension Desktop and note the access code.

You need this code to make a connection

imessage connection settings
imessage connection settings
  1. Now open the Chrome Remote Desktop application on your PC

  2. Providing remote access code to open the Desktop extension

  3. Once connected, you see a screen that shows the desktop Mac

  4. Now use iMessage distance from this PC

As a reminder, you need access to a Mac when applying this method. And that the Mac must be turned ON. Otherwise, this tip will not work.

imessage remote assistance
imessage remote assistance

Chrome Remote Desktop is also fully cross-platform, provide remote assistance for users of Windows, Mac, and Linux and access to Windows (XP +) and Mac (OS X 10.6 +) desktop at any time, all of the Chrome browser.

iMessage for iOS

iMessage can be used only on devices running on iOS 5 and OS X Mountain Lion and later. If you use older releases, such as iOS 4 or Snow Leopard, you cannot use iMessage even if you have jailbroken your device.

Features of iMessage

After you run iMessage on PC, you can enjoy the following special features.

  1. Free transmission of text and multimedia messages to either one recipient or a group of people
  2. Easy group creation that allows you to create a group with your friends and family
  3. Sent and seen feature that allows you to know whether your message has been sent and read
  4. Free audio and video call with other iMessage users
  5. Seamless integration with phone’s native SMS system