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How to Get iMessage On PC Without Jailbreak

How to Get iMessage On PC

Indeed, iMessage is one of the absolute messenger for Apple Device. Then, how to get iMessage on Windows PC without jailbreak?

Remote Messages is one of hundreds of thousands tweak in Cydia. In other words, the device already jailbreak. Obviously, one of the benefits Jailbreak always there even though my own agrees that the jailbreak is .. Just make wasteful batteries. Because the device memaximalkan course.

Normally iMessage other than in iDevice evident in OS X, or in other words Macbook, iMac, or another of Apple’s Smart Notebook. Whatever you want namain what, I participated.

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iMessage On PC Without Jailbreak

Quite easy as possible, how the iMessage on Windows PC you simply install this tweak ‘Remote Messages’, but before that, I warned that the Remote Messages is one tweak Paid in Bigboss. But do not worry, there is always a way to Rome. This tweak there are also in Repo ever I wrote in a previous article. Repository for Remote Messages for free can you get in:



The process is quite easy. Once installed Tweak, immediately entered into:

cydia remote message
cydia remote message
  1. Settings
  2. Remote Message
  3. Enable: On
  4. In the Browser, please enter: or equal samain your own settings.
  5. Please Enjoy iMessage on your Windows PC

Well. Perhaps this is one of the tips for Windows users, who want also iMessage on Mac, Enjoy.

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